• 2018 Sep - December Project: Paarassala Graama Panchat Public Library, Graamom, Paarassala PO, Trivandrum.
  • 2018 Oct - Dec Project: Poovachal Graama Panchayat Public Library, Poovachal PO, Trivandrum.

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Parchment Library Organization was established in 2003 by a group of Library Professional in Kottayam, Kerala. It is not a Government institution. It is running on a proprietary basis. The focus is to provide a professional assistance for all people engaged or interested in libraries.
Now we are the leading provider in Library management software across Kerala and neighboring states. We plan, organize, maintain and improve our Libraries with continuous innovations in library automation. Our library software brings you a high level of certainty. Our Team is highly experienced, committed and believes in complementing our robust product with reliable services and support. We provide a national voice for school library sector.