PALibS (PARCHMENT's Library Management Software)

PALibS is an integrated library management software, developed in Java with MySQL. It is successfully using in numerous libraries in Kerala and neighboring states. PALibS simply handles complete housekeeping functions of a library in either Windows or Linux platforms.


1. Acquisition:

a. Requirements & Reports

b. Library Committee & Reports

c. Selection List & reports

d. Letters: Quotation / Purchase Order / Reminder / Receipts / Internal Letters

2. Accession:

a. New Subject, Author, Publisher, Vendor, Fund

b. New Books, Non-Books

c. E-Books, Question Bank

d. Today-In-History

e. Member and Membership Category

3. Serial Control

a. New Serial (News Papers / Periodicals / Journals)

b. Serial's Daily Updating

c. Payments of Serials

4. OPAC (Catalogue):

a. Title / Author / Subject / Publisher / Acc. No. / Call No Catalogues.

b. Key Word Search

c. Boolean

d. Question Bank Search

e. Today - In - History (Librarian's Announcements/Thought of the Day/Campus News/Regional News/National News/International News)

f. E-Books Search

g. Non-Book search

5. Circulation:

a. Issue & return of Books/Non-Books/Serials

b. Circulation related numerous reports.

6. Management:

a. Accounts

b. Stock Verification

c. Furniture & Staff Statistics

d. Collection Development Reports

e. Spine Label Printing

f. Barcode Printing

g. QR Code Generating and Printing

h. Book Card Printing